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Mooney Aircraft Owners' Events

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We started this tradition in October, 1999, with the addition of a simple poll server to the Mooney Owner Events page.

The question and a link to the response is available here:


January: In each of the categories (Total, VFR, IFR, Night), how many hours did you log in 2001?
February: How many times in the past year have you had airframe icing?
March: How many total hours do you have in your logbook?
March: Do you have a high-altitude endorsement (per FAR 61.31g)?
April: How many MAPA Safety Foundation PPP courses have you attended?
April: How many times in the past year have you cancelled a flight due to mechanical problems?
May: Do you raise your gear or keep it down during a go-around?
May: What flight planning software do you use?
June: What's your top priority for Mooney's reorganization?
July: How would you rate your home airport security (1-10 scale)?
July: What model portable GPS do you carry in the plane?
August: How many times in the past year have you cancelled a flight due to weather?


Jan. 5: How many instrument approaches did you do last year (simulated and actual)?
Jan. 12: Have you ever had a prop strike?
Jan. 19: What’s the legal structure of your aircraft ownership?
Jan. 26: To what new location do you want to fly? Why?
Feb. 2: For each message that you post to the Mooney e-mail list, how many private messages do you send to other list members?
Feb. 9: What brand of handheld radio do you carry?
Feb. 16: What computerized flight planning software do you use?
Feb. 23: What percentage of your flight plans are filed via computer?
Mar. 2: Where have you flown in a Mooney?
Mar. 9: What is the MAXIMUM you would pay for a pair of STCd, double shoulder harnesses with intertia reel for the front seats?
Mar. 16: After flight, what do you do with fuel?
Mar. 23: What do you pay each month for a tie-down or hangar?
Mar. 30: At what temperature do you pre-heat the engine?
Apr. 6: On initial checkout in a Mooney, how many landings did you do?
Apr. 13: How often do you do a P-lead check at shutdown?
Apr. 27: How many times did you file PIREPs in the last month?
May 4: What do you use to clean your windscreen?
May 11: What Mooney models have you flown?
May 18: Have you ever had in-flight problems with doors?
May 25: Have you ever been to Kerrville (and the Mooney factory)?
Jun. 1: What is your attitude toward lean-of-peak (LOP) engine operation?
Jun. 8: Have your children expressed an interest in flying?
Jun. 15: How often do you change oil? Filter?
Jun. 22: Did you have a mentor that helped you enter aviation?
Jun. 29: Do you have a connection to your aircraft’s antenna system for your handheld radio?
Jul. 6: Is your spouse a pilot?
Jul. 17: How many times have you been to EAA Airventure in Oshkosh?
Jul. 27: What percentage of your flight time is cross country?
Aug. 10: Who performs your annual inspections?
Oct. 19: Are you flying more or less each month since Sept. 11?
Nov. 16: Do you have more actual IFR hours or more simulated (hood) time?


Jan. 6: How many years have you been flying?
Jan. 14: What type oil do you use? What's your oil consumption?
Jan. 21: At what altitude do you start using supplemental oxygen at night?
Jan. 28: Have you experienced any of the following in-flight emergencies?
Feb. 4: What coverage does your aircraft insurance policy provide?
Feb. 11: What friends/family are afraid to fly in light planes?
Feb. 18: On long cross-countries, how long do you like each leg?
Feb. 25: At your next engine overhaul, which option will you choose?
Mar. 3: Which of the following do you consider MOST important for IFR flight? (Autopilot, GPS or Stormscope)
Mar. 10: Where do you keep your Mooney?
Mar. 17: What headsets do you (pilot) wear?
Mar. 24: What headsets do you have for passengers?
Mar. 31: Have you every been ramp checked?
April 7: On long cross-countries, what do you take to drink in-flight?
April 14: What actions have you taken after an aviation safety incident?
April 21: Does your company allow you to fly your Mooney on business?
April 28: What do you carry in your flight bag?
May 5: How often do you wash your airplane?
May 12: Have you ever spun a Mooney?
May 19: How many hours did you spend in training last year?
May 26: What's the highest altitude airport at which you've used your Mooney?
June 2: How long was your last annual inspection?
June 9: What aviation publications do you read regularly?
June 16: How do you own your aircraft?
June 23: How much is your aircraft insurance? For what hull value?
June 30: How do you protect the Mooney nose truss from FBOs?
July 7: What's the shortest runway you'll consider landing your Mooney?
July 14: When do you plan your next engine overhaul?
July 21: How do you listen to music in-flight?
Aug. 4: How long have you been on the Mooney e-mail list?
Aug. 11: During the past year, how many days has your Mooney been grounded waiting for parts?
Aug. 18: What is your normal landing configuration (flaps, trim, power)?
Aug. 25: If you didn't have a Mooney, what would you fly (and why)?
Sep. 1: When you repaint your aircraft, what's your preference?
Sep. 8: What upgrades are you planning in avionics?
Sep. 15: Are you afraid of heights (at least when not in an airplane)?
Sep. 22: What's your prop clearance? How many blades?
Sep. 29: How many aviation-related websites are bookmarked in your browser?
Oct. 6: What percentage of the year are you night current?
Oct. 13: How do you measure carbon monoxide (CO) in the cockpit?
Oct. 20: On what types of runway surfaces will you land your Mooney?
Oct. 27: How many hours did you have before your first emergency (7700)?
Nov. 3: What is the (power off) stall behavior of your Mooney?
Nov. 10: What are your personal miminums for landing IFR?
Nov. 17: As a buyer, how do you rate your last pre-purchase inspection?
Nov. 24: What's the most unusual thing people have said when they learn that you own or fly a Mooney?
Dec. 1: How many airplanes have you owned?
Dec. 8: Have you ever departed in zero-zero conditions?
Dec. 15: For daytime flying, at what altitude do you start using supplemental oxygen?
Dec. 22/29: In each of the categories (Total, VFR, IFR, Night), how many hours did you log in 2000?



Oct. 29: What types of oxygen equipment do you carry in your Mooney?
Nov. 5: What did you spend for your last annual inspection? What model Mooney?
Nov. 12: How many items with Mooney or MAPA identities do you own?
Nov. 19: Do you perform oil analysis? Has it ever found an engine problem?
Nov. 26: To what aviation organizations do you belong?
Dec. 3: For which aircraft/pilot documents do you have back-up copies?
Dec. 10: What are your airplane ownership plans during the next two years?
Dec. 30: How many hours did you log during 1999 in each of the following categories?

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Revision: 6/6/2023