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Mooney Events home.

NEW: Mooney Videos: Lots of Mooney-related videos available on the Internet. Contact the webmaster if you have others to add.

Mooney trip reports: a page dedicated to interesting websites about traveling in Mooneys. Very eclectic, but it includes links to Reed Prior's trip around the world and Flemming Pedersen's international voyages. It also has links to Mooney Caravan archives, including dozens of photos and even some audio clips of radio traffic.

Mooney Model Chronology: model-by-model changes and production volume since the first Mite in 1948
  -- FAA type certificate for all M20 models
  -- changes made when the C model was introduced in 1962
  -- evolution of the Mooney 201
  -- Mooney 301, the company's only pressurized model
  -- aircraft designs by Al Mooney
  -- Mooney product history summary from the Wayback Machine
  -- Mooney product history chart (in Adobe Acrobat) from 2002

Resources and information on buying a Mooney.
Information on partnerships, including:
Financial issues to consider
Oprating and other issues in organizing a partnership
Legal options for organizing.
Sample bylaws for a non-profit corporation
Sample bylaws for a lease corporation
Links to other resources on partnerships

Mooney owner polls, run from 1999-2002 on over 100 flying topics

Quotations about Mooneys and their pilots.

Mooney-related Acronyms, many from the Mooney mail list.

A list of Mooney-specific instructors, including many of the pilots involved in the MAPA Safety Foundation Pilot Proficiency classes.

All 51 Mooney service centers worldwide, with links to those with web pages.
A complete index of Mooney service bulletins (SBs), service letters and service instructions through September, 1999 -- plus links to the factory service information (by aircraft).

Books about the history of Mooney Aircraft:
  --"The Al Mooney Story"
  --"Those Remarkable Mooneys"

And a little about the life of the late Gordon Baxter, longtime Flying Magazine columnist, and author of "The Al Mooney Story"

Famous photo: the 1991 Flying Magazine photo of 30 Mooney employees on the wing of an MSE, an image framed in the memory of a generation of pilots!

Mooney Aircraft web ring. Don't forget to add your site.

Mooney model websites for:
  -- the first Mooney model, the Mite. This website is truly a labor of love by Dave Rutherford (who doesn't even own a Mite).
  -- the Mooney 301, which became the TBM700.
  -- see the bottom of this page for a complete list of aircraft designed by Al Mooney during his lifetime

The Mooney mail list is an e-mail reflector, set up by Doug Fields in 1996, passed on to Akmal Khan, and now maintained by Javier Hendersen. You can get messages one at a time (there are typically 50 or more in a day) or grouped into a digest of several dozen. I recommend the latter. In 2007, Javier put the mail list submissions into a forum format for viewing messages directly via a web browser.
The Mooney mail list is archived, with full-text search, so that you can research the collective wisdom on any topic back to the beginning. Try "oil changes" or "donuts". But you have to join the mail list first.

Home page for Mooney Caravan, the group fly-in to EAA Airventure in Oshkosh that's been held since 1997. Credit for initially getting the Mooney pilots together goes to Akmal Khan.


And there are some hidden gems on the Mooney Owner Events domain, though you have to know what to look for. Which is why the search box below is here:

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