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Other Resources for Aircraft Partnerships

  by Andrew Czernek,

Advantages of Partnerships
Disadvantages of Partnerships
Financial Issues
Other Issues
Legal Organization

Agreement for a Non-Profit Corporation
Agreement for a Lease Corporation
AOPA Resources

As might be expected, the Aircraft Owners’ & Pilots Association (AOPA) has written about the legal and other aspects of partnering over the years. AOPA also has an inexpensive legal services program (for an extra fee) that has proven helpful to us in the past.

These articles in the members-only section, cover various aspects of the issue:

"The Pilot's Guide to Multiple Ownership: Co-Ownership and Flying Clubs" (August 21, 2003)

Pilot’s Guide to Taxes: Income, Personal Property, Sales and Use,” (Speciale, February 1, 2005)

"Sharing Your Aircraft,” (Cooling, February 1997)

“Choices for Aircraft Ownership,” (Arthur, May 1998)

“Paying the Bills,” (Snow, June 1997)

“Ending a Partnership,” (Snow, November 1997)

“How to Pick a Partner,” (Snow, April 1997)


Revision: 10/28/2010