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STCs and Modifications

M20J (201 models): Gross weight increase of 160 pounds.
Original post: Sept. 9, 2000
By Stacey Ellis, "... J models eligible for the gross weight increase are 24-1686 thru 24-3217. Mid 80's thru the early 90's."
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M20K (252 models): Gross weight increase of 230 pounds to match the Encore models.
Original post: Nov. 29, 1999
By Tom Bierschwale, "... The kit P/N's are 940141-501 and -503 ... it also involves changes in the engine from a TSIO-360-MB to a –SB model."
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Porsche Mooneys (M20L): Porsche's program to end support for the Porsche 930 engine.
There were only 44 of the M20L model built and my statistics indicate that only 42 were sold. The airframe is interesting because it was the first time that Mooney used the long-body that was used in the Ovation and succeeding models.

By October, 2007 there appeared to be only 41 still flying and only 11 that were still using the Porsche engine, according to owners. Some of those 11 owners still have their spare engines crated.

In these days of polite reviews by commercial publications, Howard Scott's scathing review of the Porsche PFM, which originally appeared in the Falco Builder letter is interesting:

Falco Builder Letter
"Porsche PFM -- Dead on Arrival" (Scott, March, 1998)

A valuable resource for background on the management of the joint Porsche-Mooney project can also be found in mail list threads.


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