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252 (Encore) Gross Weight Increase

Original post: 11/29/1999
By: Tom Bierschwale

You will need to check with the service parts people. The kit P/N's are 940141-501 and -503 ... These are the changes for the 250-pound gross weight increase for the Mooney 252; it also involves changes in the engine from a TSIO-360-MB to a –SB model.

Original post: 3/6/2000 By: Andrew Czernek

>I'm not 100% sure but I have heard that one of the essential components of
>the GW increase is a change to the landing gear from a TLS, not just an
>engine swap. Does anyone else know about this?<

At the outset of researching the 252 Gross Weight issue we too were under that impression. However, talking to Tom Bierschwale last fall, he made it clear that the factory STC did not require it. Fred Silverman's March 2 post details most of the items in the Mooney kit and also details the changes in the -SB engine to get an additional 10 horses from the TSIO-360-MB.

Best regards,

Andrew Czernek
N52202 1989 Mooney 252


Original post: 3/2/2000
By: Fred Silverman

As some of you know, it is possible to upgrade a 252 to an Encore and gain a 230 pound gross weight increase. Mooney sells a kit that contains a new POH, a prop governor, a manifold pressure gauge, an electronic tach, some balance weights and the paperwork for $4000. But you are required to have a TSIO SB engine.



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