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M20J Gross Weight Increase

Original post: 9/29/2002
By Joel Ludwigson:

I had wondered about this for some years, since I own a 78 201 and would love the extra 160 lbs. According to Jody Voss, formerly of MAC,there was a tube thickness change made in the late 80s (88?) that allowed for the higher gross wgt. The 89 201s are at 2900 GW, the earlier ones like mine are at 2740 GW. There is a way for those who own aircraft with the beefed up structure but sold prior to the increase to purchase the extra 160 lbs for a fee from MAC/MAG. Those aircraft that are eligible would be the ones built in 88 with the thicker tubes. That is according to Jody's response to my question about this a year or two ago.


Original post: 9/29/2002
By: Christopher Kosseff

I had checked into this with the former Mooney Aircraft Co. My 1989 M20J did qualify for the increased gross of 160 lbs. Paperwork and new airspeed indicator (which was out of stock, with no stocking date) would cost just over $2,500!

Christopher Kosseff


Original post: 10/4/2006 By: Stacy Ellis, Customer Support, Mooney Airplane Co.

The only J models eligible for the gross weight increase are 24-1686 thru 24-3217. Mid 80's thru the early 90's.



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