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An eclectic selection of some of the best of email posts from Mooney Mail list archives. The archives are linked here but require registration.


Aviation definitions.
Original post: 3/10/1999
By Bob Goodman, "Aileron - A hinged control surface on the wing that scares the hell out of airline passengers when it moves."

Cat and duck flying: A redundancy system for IFR flight.
Original post: Unknown
By Sqn Ldr G. E. Whitelam Int 3, HQ STC , "Place a live cat on the cockpit floor, because a cat always remains upright, he or she can be used in lieu of a needle and ball instrument ..."

How S&C Bob got his name.
Original post: 7/13/1997
By Bob Goodman, "My dad owns a Mooney M-20-f and some time we fly through Turbulence ... Could you tell me how much stress the Wing could take in Trubulence?"

You might be a redneck pilot.
Original post: 2/18/2000
By Coy Jacob, "The side of your Mooney has a sign advertising your septic tank service."

"The Night Before Christmas."
Original post: 12/13/1998
By: R. Michael Pollard, "Twas the night before Christmas all over the place,
when we were confronted by an old flying ace ..."


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