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How S&C Bob got his name.

Original post: 7/13/1997 By Bob Goodman: in which an Auburn University professor and Mooney pilot tries calming the fears of the son of another Mooney pilot. Original typos retained.

Subject: RE: Phobia
From: "Laurel Lee Goforth"
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 97 02:33:30 UT
This was found for me by Keith Vitense

>Hello, My name is Zane Goforth
>My dad owns a Mooney M-20-f and some time we fly through Turbulence...
>My problem is when we fly through Turbulence is the wing structure
>will break apart.
>My question is...Could you tell me how much stress the Wing could take
>in Trubulence?

trubulence is a real problem all right. but the answer to your question is.....more than you, apparently. Seriously, forget about the wing.. its very strong....It's the tail that always falls off first. then you plunge violently out of control to your hideous, mangled death.

have a happy flight

John Kallend wrote:
> Well, that still leaves one as a spare! What worry me are the sheet
> metal screws that hold the wing on (you can see them all around the wing
> root). They often vibrate loose, too.

just take them out and pop rivet the dang wing will probably hold ok.

bob (the sensitive and caring version)

Waldo Born wrote:
> Take a look at the parts manual and I --------------stuff deleted

Waldo, what you need is a browser that puts all the sarcastic tripe in red print so you would know when someone is pulling your leg....

(sensitive and caring) bob wrote:
> You guys are sicker than I thought. :(

we have already established how sensitive and caring i am.....and john is almost as wonderful as i am. so between the 2 of us, we have a lock on sensitive and caring.

it must come with the "G" model....

(sensitive and caring) bob

this is fun.



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