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LOP: Differences in recommended procedures for Mooney engines.
Original post: 7/7/1999
Entire thread: TIT Limit on 231 with -LB Engine
By John Eakin, "LOP operation is not new - however it has been pretty much forgotten since flat engines became common because most 'modern' flat engines don't run smoothly LOP ..."
Replies: 24
"Pelican's Perch #18, Mixture Magic," (John Deakin, June 14, 1999)

More LOP debate
Original post: 3/30/2000
Entire thread: Lean of Peak
By Trey Hughes, "After talking to many engine people (including Lyc., Teledyne and P&W) when operating at Lean Of Peak (even if it's the same absolute temperature i.e.: 1500 degrees) you operate without the added cooling of the excess fuel ..."
By John Eakin, "EGT is only a reference point or datum for controlling CHT. High CHT is what cooks engines and CHT is actually what we are manipulating when we adjust EGT ..."
Replies: 19

GAMIjectors in a 231
Original post: 3/30/2000
Entire thread: GAMIjectors in a 231
By Dave Piehler, "In fact, if you run a lean test as specified by GAMI and send them the data they will tell you if you can run LOP without their product ..."
By JT Small, " I use to run LOP at these lower altitudes, much of the time WOT, but then I lost two cylinders to cracks and generally all exhaust valves were showing signs of heat stress so I stopped that practice ... "
Replies: 33
GAMI Lean Test (May 4, 2005)
GAMI article references.
"Pelican's Perch #15, Manifold Pressure Sucks," (John Deakin, March 21, 1999)
"Pelican's Perch #16, Those Marvelous Props," (John Deakin, April 19, 1999)

"Pelican's Perch #18, Mixture Magic," (John Deakin, June 14, 1999)

"Pelican's Perch #19, Putting It All Together (engine management techniques)," (John Deakin, June 30, 1999)

All of John Deakin's engine-management columns.

Lycoming Engine Operation Tips
"The New Old Leaning Technique," (Textron Lycoming, 2000)

Lean of peak: mixed results.
Original post: 3/30/2000
Entire thread: GAMIjectors in a 231
By Chris Wilcox, "As for my LOP ops, so far I've met with mixed results ... in the high teens, where every up- and down-draft has resulted in a bootstrapping phenomenon of significant proportions."
By John Breitinger, "We decided early on to run rich of peak. We talked a lot with the guys from Continental, Willmar and several of the big engine shops before deciding to do this ..."
Replies: 37

Lean of peak: Bob Kromer on test results.
Original post: 2/25/2004
Entire thread: GAMIjectors in a 231
By Bob Kromer, "... operating a normally aspirated engine lean of peak will absolutely cause no harm or damage to the engine ... On the other hand, I remain firm in the opinion that running a turbocharged engine lean of peak is like flying to the dark side of the moon. "
Replies: 3

A TLS Bravo pilot gives up on lean of peak
Original post: 11/19/2006
Entire thread: GAMIjectors in a 231
By Don Kaye, "I am done trying to get my TIO540AFIB TLS engine to run LOP. I have literally spent thousands of dollars on this project ..."
Replies: 13


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