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Breaking in a new engine: In this case a Lycoming IO-360 for a 201.
Original post: Sept/Oct, 1998
By Andrew Czernek, "... a new Lycoming engine comes coated with oil. After the initial ground run, it was necessary to clean the plugs, as they'd fouled." ..."
References: "Proper Engine Break-in," (originally in CESSNA PILOTS ASSOCIATION MAGAZINE -- John Frank, June 16, 1996)

Induction icing:M20K 231 Induction System System Icing
Original post: Jan. 2, 2003
By Bob Kromer, "The first indication the 231 pilot has of of this phenomona is a "not so gradual" loss of manifold pressure ..."

Deicer in fuel:Mooney POH recommendations
Original post: Feb. 28, 2007
By Trey Hughes, "... it is permissible to add ISO-PROPYL alcohol to the fuel supply in quantities NOT TO EXCEED 3% of the total fuel volume per tank. DO NOT add other additives ..."
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