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Richard Baize

Cedar Rapids, IA
(623) 252-1506

Ratings: Commercial, ATP, single and multi-engine land, CFII, MEI
Total time: 5,500
Instruction time: 2,500
Mooney time: 1,000
Other: own Mooney M20K, airframe mechanic certification. Type rated in CD525, CL 65 and B737.

Program fees: $45 per hour in my airplane. Maybe more in your aircraft. It depends on how much you love your Mooney!

Instructor's Approach

Richard Baize

This normal checkout procedure is for a pilot who has little experience with Mooney aircraft, an IFR rating, complex endorsement with little high performance or high altitude time. Other custom training is provided based on pilot experience.

1. The student should read the POH several times before our first lesson. Also, a list of web links to the various aircraft systems is provided in advance. The pilot should download the Garmin simulator, practice and be prepared with any questions during step 3 below.

2. We will do a thorough pre-flight, including removal of the upper cowling and discussion of the altitude engine.

3. We will do a panel ride, discussing each of the systems and spending whatever time is required depending on the pilot's familiarity with the particular system.

4. General flight and landing practice. Performance review.

5. Instrument procedures flight, manual, auto-pilot assisted, and fully coupled. Performance review.

6. Emergencies flight, nothing's going to work for you! Performance review.

7. Clean-up items, if required.

8. Congratulations, you're a MOONIAC!

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Last updated: 6/2/2017
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